COST Action CA15104

The Inclusive Radio Communications (IRACON) concept defines those technologies aimed to support wireless connectivity at any rates, for any communicating units, and in any type of scenarios.

Action's goals


This Action aims to achieve scientific breakthroughs by introducing novel design and analysis methods for the 5th-generation (5G) and beyond-5G radio communication networks.


One of the goals is to make available several platforms on specific topics that will allow testing new solutions in real conditions.


The Action aims at promoting collaborative research across different fields and support the networking among researchers involved in inclusive radio communications to gather the different knowledge necessary to address the complexity of the 5G-and-beyond challenges.


The Action also aims at training young researchers in the field of inclusive radio communications, via annual training schools.

Working Groups


Disciplinary Working Groups

Sub-Working Groups


The Action will produce:

  • The list of TDs presented during each CA15104 Meeting, including the abstract
  • Temporary Documents (TDs) available to members only
  • White Papers, made available through the public website
  • Proceedings of workshops
  • Material for training schools

and the most relevant outcome: it will connect hundreds of researchers sharing an interest towards B5G networks.


IC1004 – White Paper on Radio Channel Modelling above 6GHz

The IC1004 white paper on “Channel Measurements and Modeling for 5G Networks in the Frequency Bands above 6 GHz“, is ready for download from the IC1004 web page.The work has been coordinated and edited by Prof. Sana Salous, Univ. of Durham (UK), with contributions from 13 Institutions of the IC1004 network. CONTACT Prof. Sana Salous […]

Post-doc position open at the ULB, Belgium

The University of Brussels (ULB), Belgium, has a post-doc position for working on power-line communication systems, with a focus on software-defined radio implementation. The project is in partnership with a major industrial partner, where the candidate is expected to work 20 to 50% of his time. The research will be conducted within the Embedded Electronics […]

COST IRACON Early Career Researchers in Finals of NI Engineering Impact Awards

  Paul Harris (Bristol, UK) and Steffen Malkowsky (Lund, Sweden), both Early Career Researchers with COST IRACON, have made it through to the finals of the National Instruments Engineering Impact Awards. It is now possible to view their application on Massive MIMO and also vote for their submission.  If you wish to VOTE, the project is […]


The management and the secretariat of the COST CA15104 Action is offered by CNIT, National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications.