It is a pleasure to announce extended deadline of July 4, 2016 for the ICECom 2016, the antennas and wireless communications conference my group is organizing in Dubrovnik, Croatia in September 2016 in tranquil external premises of our university (UniZG has some of its premises in Dubrovnik city center). The deadline is near, but it can be extended for some days upon request to Radovan Zentner (radovan.zentner@fer.hr – Organizing committee chair).

Besides the fruitful sessions and rich Programme, the venue itself should not be neglected – historic Mediterranean town of Dubrovnik is located at pristine east coast of the Adriatic and is well known visitors target worldwide. September is ideal time to visit. Dubrovnik has an international airport with great connections to all major cities in Europe.
We will try to sum the COST IRACON papers in a dedicated COST IRACON session(s).

Please therefore use IRACON keyword along the other, when submitting your paper. The conference will (subject to approval and author agreement) publish its papers on IEEExplore. Looking forward seeing you all in Dubrovnik.

Regarding ICECom 2016