Ifsttar has a post-doc position for working on GNSS Integrity concept in railway environment. The work will be performed in the rail context where safety is of main importance and in particular in the context of a European project.
The research will be conducted in the Leost lab, in collaboration with the researchers and PhD working on GNSS.
One of the parameters of GNSS integrity quantification is the Protection Level (PL). The protection level is a statistical error bound computed so as to guarantee that the probability of the absolute position error exceeding said number is smaller than or equal to the target integrity risk. In land transport applications, such as rail or road, the main source of positioning errors are caused by multipath and unavailability of signals received due to the surrounding buildings or vegetation. In these contexts, integrity data delivered by SBAS are not appropriate anymore, and classical RAIM assumptions neither. The objective of the post-doc is to propose new Protection Level  computation that will correctly bound real GNSS errors encountered in the railway environment.

Publication in conferences and journals are expected.

–          PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related field

–          Strong background in GNSS with notions on integrity, RAIM, FDE ; signal processing and probabilities

–          Experience in Matlab

–          Good communication skills, verbal and written

If interested, please send your CV and one or two publications representative of your work to  Juliette Marais, at