Institute: IFSTTAR, Lille, France

In the framework of the French Regional program ELSAT 2020 (co-financed by the European Union with the European Regional Development Fund, the French state and the Hauts de France Region Council), the SMARTIES (Smart, Fail-Safe Communication and Positioning Systems) project deals the crucial questions of smart, fail safe communications and positioning functions for railway control and command (metros, conventional rail, high speed). The SMARTIES project is in line with the railway research strategy described in the Master Plan of the Shift2rail JTU in the Innovative program 2. The position is related to the development of innovative bricks for fail safe communications to meet the requirements of forthcoming 5G telecommunication systems.

One of the possible solutions considered particularly in terms of network throughput is the use of multiple antenna systems. The design of these systems can be quite complex if constraints in terms of dimensions and integration (while preserving good performances) are considered. The research work proposed in this project during this post-doctoral position is to propose novels solutions based on metamaterials for antenna isolation in multiple antenna systems.

Metamaterials are metal-dielectric composites tailored to control the flow of electromagnetic waves. In previous works, miniature and extremely-wide-band metamaterials antennas have been designed using characteristic mode theory. Isolation in multiple antenna systems have also been studied but would need to be further explored for 5G applications.

The candidate should ideally hold a Ph. D. in applied electromagnetics with a Masters or engineering degree in Microwave engineering or telecommunications engineering. He or She should master the electromagnetic modelling tools commonly used for antenna design (CST, HFSS, Feko…) and also be able to make electromagnetic measurements. The candidate should be fluent in English (both spoken and written) and ready to collaborate in a small team working on telecom applications.

Possible starting date

1st March 2017


Required Skills:

Electromagnetic theory, Microwave engineering (circuits..), Antenna engineering

Electromagnetic measurements and characterization and numerical modeling


Gross Salary

The monthly gross salary will be around 2300 € depending of experience and diplomas.


Name and Contact : Divitha SEETHARAMDOO and Marion BERBINEAU

Email: Divitha.seetharamdoo@ifsttar.fr, marion.berbineau@ifsttar.fr

Phone: +33 3 20 43 83 55 ; + 33 20 43 83 31

Recruitment procedure: Interview with a qualified jury

If interested, please send a detailed CV, list of publications and one or two publications the more representative of your work to Divitha.seetharamdoo@ifsttar.fr, marion.berbineau@ifsttar.fr