PhD position in RF DESIGN FOR IoT

– KU Leuven (Leuven University), Belgium –


Description: The Internet of Things has been identified as one of the most important technological evolutions in the 21st century. Small devices with onboard sensors and wireless communication technology, deployed in large numbers, provide unprecedented opportunities for monitoring and controlling homes, cities, and the environment. This high-speed long-range IoT however requires solutions with acceptable spectral efficiency, making optimal use of the available bandwidth for powering and uplink and downlink data transfer. Achieving spectral efficient communication typically comes at a cost, most often a power cost. In this project, innovative system level solutions will be proposed to achieve high throughput communication with zero power cost. This will be achieved by co-designing a massive MIMO basestation as source of downlink power and control data, and a backscattering node that is able to reflect sensor data back in-band, adjacent-band, and out-of-band. Depending on the mode of operation, a trade-off can be achieved between spectral efficiency and range in the system.

Profile: The applicant should have a Master Degree in Electronic Engineering and should meet the minimum eligibility criteria for a PhD at KU Leuven, namely having very good grades as well as mature mastering of English, both oral and in writing. The applicant should have a background in RF engineering. Experience with designing microwave circuits on printed-circuit-boards is a strong asset. The applicant should demonstrate interest in experimental work, such as proof-of-principle realizations, while also showing interest for team work with other PhD students in wireless networking.

More info:

You can apply for this job no later than September 20, 2019 via the online application tool