POSTDOC position(s): Scaling IoT/5G networks

Place: Lille, France (IMT Lille Douai)


We are looking for Postdocs on resource allocation for 5G and IoT, especially focusing on uncoordinated and distributed networks. Two main strategies have been proposed to the large scale deployment of IoT networks: long range single-hop or short range multi-hop communications; however none seems to ensure the expectation of 5G in terms of devices’ density or reliability and latency. We are looking for postdocs to reinforce our research on those topics. Candidates can have:

  • a theoretical background; publications related to one or more of the following topics: information theory, probability and communication theory, copula, multiple access (NOMA), cooperative communications, machine learning, optimization;
  • or an experimental background to implement and test solutions for IoT, for instance using machine learning to improve decoding in LP-WANs.

For further details, contact Laurent Clavier –