Virtual Networking Tools

Virtual Networking Tools aim to introduce two new types of Grants to build capacity and spread the uptake of virtual collaboration across different research communities. There are two types of Grants:

1. Virtual Networking Support (VNS) Grants
These grants aim at promoting virtual collaboration as a complement to traditional ways of collaboration within the research and innovation communities. This mechanism intends to stimulate virtual collaboration among the members of a given Action.

2. Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants
These grants aim at strengthening the existing networks by allowing scientists to foster collaboration in a virtual setting, to exchange knowledge, learn new techniques, disseminate the Action results, etc.

Further information and rules

Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the detailed information provided by COST.
Full details on the Virtual Networking Tools Userguide. Please read it carefully!

List of Virtual Networking Tools carried out in 2021

Virtual Networking Support

Applicant: Roberto Verdone, CNIT, Italy
Period: Start 03/06/2021
End 30/10/2021
VNT Title:

Coordination of Virtual Networking Activities


Virtual Mobility

Applicant: Chiara Buratti, CNIT, Italy
Period: Start 02/08/2021
End 30/10/2021
VNT Title:

Virtual Meetings and Coordination of activities for the definition of the IMMUNet Business Assets


Applicant: Carles Anton-Haro, Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya, Spain
Period: Start 03/06/2021
End 28/09/2021
VNT Title:

Call and Virtual meeting to foster collaboration among partners to edit the Business Plan


Applicant: Guillaume Villemaud, INSA Lyon, France
Period: Start 04/06/2021
End 31/10/2021
VNT Title:

Set up call and virtual meeting with all partners to edit the Business Plan Chapter on Roadmap and impact of money and time


Applicant: Konstantin Mikhaylov, Centre for Wireless Communications, Finland
Period: Start 09/06/2021
End 31/10/2021
VNT Title:

IMMUNet 5 (Financial projections): virtual meetings and coordination of contribution finalization


Applicant: Laurent Clavier, IMT Lille Douai, France
Period: Start 09/07/2021
End 09/09/2021
VNT Title:

Industrial Machines Market Annalysis