Training Schools

Dissemination is a key component of the Action, given its R&D dimension, together with the development of basic technology and the training of researchers. IRACON addresses this matter by carrying out a number of initiatives e.g. Training Schools. Training Schools can be organized as follows:

               • organisation of Training Schools, with IRACON lecturers, which are open to the community at large;

               • joint organisation of Training Schools, with lecturers from IRACON and from other Actions and H2020 R&D projects,

                 open to the scientific community at large.


COST CA15104 (IRACON) offers a limited number of grants to attend Action Training Schools. A fixed grant will be assigned to every granted person, except for local students, who will be granted only for the registration fee. The selection will be based on a first coming first served base and on the following priorities:

1. PhD students from COST Country Institutions (one grant per Country)
2. While grants available, ESRs from COST Country Institutions
3. While grants available, other applicants

In any of the above steps, the ICT countries and gender balance will be taken for resolving equality.



The following items can be reimbursed: individual grants for trainees – amount to be decided by the Management Committee of the Action. Each grant cannot exceed the normal reimbursement rates of COST Vademecum, Section 5. Prior the Training School, each trainee entitled to reimbursement must register for an e-COST profile at – each trainee must add their bank details to their e-COST profile.



The following items can be reimbursed: travel, accommodation and meal expenses in line with the eligibility rules specified in COST Vademecum, Section 4, but no lecture fees and honoraria. Each trainer must register a profile on e-COST at– each trainer must add their bank details to their e-COST profile.