Project description

The University of Brussels (ULB) is hiring three Ph.D. candidates in the field of wireless communications in the context of the MUSE-WINET project.

The Ph.D. projects will investigate the interactions and synergies that exist between wireless communication and wireless localization. More precisely, we will investigate how communication waveform design can be adapted to meet synchronization and localization objectives. Conversely, it will be investigated how precise geo-location can be exploited to increase communication capacity. The PhD researchers will have to design novel techniques, waveforms and algorithms to meet these objectives. The methods will be validated by simulation and by implementing them on a proof-of-concept demonstrator using a software-defined radio testbed.

MUSE-WINET is a joint project between ULB, UCLouvain, KULeuven and UGhent, involving 14 professors and about 20 researchers. The overarching goal of this research project is the understanding and subsequent exploitation of the fundamental performance trade-offs and synergies achievable between the different services supported by a MUlti-SErvice WIreless NETwork (MUSE-WINET) thanks to the optimization of the radio and computational resources according to a cross-service (X-service) paradigm. The three PhDs will be conducted in the Wireless Communications Group (Prof. Ph. De Doncker, expert in channel modelling and uncertainty analysis, and Prof. F. Horlin, expert in signal processing for digital communications) and the Embedded Electronics group of ULB’s School of Engineering (Prof. F. Quitin, expert in hardware implementation).

Required skills

  • A MSc in electrical engineering, computer science or applied mathematics, preferably with a focus on telecommunications
  • Knowledge of signal processing techniques and wireless systems
  • Experience with at least two of the following:
    • C/C++ or Python
    • VHDL/Verilog
    • Matlab/Simulink
    • Labview
  • A willingness to learn and a can-do attitude
  • Knowledge of French and/or English
  • Experience with software-defined radios is a plus

To apply

Send an email with a detailed CV, course transcript and motivation letter before April 15th to Prof. François Quitin (fquitin@ulb.ac.be). Short-listed candidates will be contacted for a phone or in-person interview. Positions will remain opened until filled.